Full Moon in Taurus

The next full moon in Taurus will be Tuesday 12 November 2019.

Brisbane: 11:34pm (Sydney and Melbourne after midnight 12:34am)
London: 1:34pm
New York: 8:34am
LA: 5:34am

In Japan there is a healing practice called Shinrin-yoku. It means forest bathing. Make the time to bathe in nature. Let it’s earthy energy calm your heart and soul. You’re not meant to jog or hike or power through with your earphones in, be in nature. Let it envelope you.

Taurus is a strong earth sign. So this full moon is about grounding. Being in nature. And feeling nourished.

Mercury is retrograde opposite this full moon. Be aware of eruptions and explosive communication. If you feel like you need to retreat and be quiet, then honour that intuition.

Typically Taurus doesn’t like to get angry. It holds it in, it holds it in and explodes. Be careful around your communication with everybody in the coming week.

The sun is in Scorpio and we have been diving deep into ourselves, our relationship history, our psyche.

We are in a period of psychological adjustment and learning. If this week brings unexpected chaos or challenges, retreat. Go to your happy place and at the very least, barefoot on the beach or the earth.

This Full Moon is a time to let go, release and banish. It could be something as simple as cleaning out a room in your house. Or you could do a ritual to bind or banish somebody. I will do a Facebook live tomorrow afternoon and show you a few simple ways to banish.

Use this Taurus moon to release the stress of the past few months. Bake, eat good food, break out the ‘good’ wine or scotch. Luxuriate and be selfish in allowing yourself to feel good.

Let all 5 of your senses nourish your body and soul. Cuddle people, animals and trees.

It’s a great time to get a massage or get some reflexology done.

Mercury retrograde finishes on November 21. It will be out of its shadow by December 8.

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