Sixth Chakra – Third Eye

Sixth Chakra – Third Eye

The third eye is the centre of intuition, imagination and dreams. Here we move from the Personal chakras of one and two, to the Interpersonal chakras of 3, 4, and 5, to the Transpersonal chakras of 6 & 7. 

Pattern Recognition

One of the main functions of chakra six is pattern recognition. Whether it is insight, super-sight or outa-sight, pattern recognition is the essence of seeing. Psychologically, this translates into being able to see our own patterns. On the path to liberation, seeing our patterns make it possible to liberate from them. We must see first, in order to then understand, which then becomes the essence of seventh chakra.

We gain perspective by stepping back, much as we need to hold a book away from the eyes to read clearly. 

Watch yourself from outside as if you were watching a character in a movie. Then record your observations as neutrally as possible in third person. “She thinks she has to do it alone, when there are many to help her.” “This person expects a lot of himself, but needs more support.” “She is doing the best she can with the tools she has.”

Then, see what you can do to make medicine out of these observations and allow them to guide a change in behavior. Notice what it feels like to have this guidance.

The Eyes Have It

Mostly the sixth chakra has to do with the eyes – so if you have been putting off getting your eyes checked, changing your glasses, or taking care of your eyes in some way, it’s time to “see to it.”

For more information, read this article about 8 ways to support intuition (and heal the third eye chakra).

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