Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra

Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra

Starting at the Base Chakra and ascending all the way to the Crown Chakra takes us all the way to the ultimate mystery; consciousness IS life. The Chakra system is a map for evolving consciousness. The journey upward is a journey of liberation from our bodies, personalities and long held beliefs to something more cosmic, divine and universal. 

It is consciousness that operates the body, feels emotions, takes action, falls in love, listens and speaks, perceives and remembers, and creates everything. If we enhance our consciousness, we enhance each of these levels.

The difference at chakra seven is that rather than looking at what consciousness is pointing at (like the awareness of a sunset, the taste of an apple, or the sound of jazz) we contemplate the miraculous nature of awareness itself. WHO is perceiving these things and with what? And how do you know? What is knowing? These are great questions to ask yourself. Several times a day, just stop, take a breath, and inquire: “Who is doing this? Feeling this? Wanting this? Saying this?” This inquiry will lead you into becoming aware of your own awareness or looking at your own consciousness.


Walking Meditation

Take each step consciously. Match your steps to a thought, such as “I am grace,” or “I am here.” Breathe in and say “thank you,” breathe out and smile.

Authentic Movement

Authentic movement is a style of moving silently from the inside out, doing only what your body’s urges tell you to do. Children do this all the time, naturally. They make some silly movement, just because it feels good, then go on to another one. This is not a movement of yoga poses, dance stept, or anything that has a form that comes from your head or an outer direction. Simply close your eyes and feel what your body wants to do. It might be curling up in a ball, it might be rocking back and forth, shaking your arm, kicking your legs. You can do this with music or in silence. Music can make it easier to move, but even the music may be dictating your movements by its rhythm or speed, so try silence as well, so nothing but your inner urges can be felt.

Running Energy

This is a technique I learned while studying clairvoyant and mediumship at Arthur Findlay College and I still use it today. Sit quietly with spine erect and imagine your crown chakra opening. Allow the energy of the Universe above your head to pour in and down through your chakras all the way to the base and out. Just like standing in a shower, you don’t hold on to the energy and you don’t push it. Just allow it to wash through you, cleansing you as it moves. This technique is especially good for getting back to yourself and getting rid of unwanted energies.

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