Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra

Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra

When the 4th chakra is deficient, you may experience feelings of shyness and loneliness, an inability to forgive or a lack of empathy. Physical conditions can include shallow breathing, asthma, and some lung diseases.

When the 4th chakra is excessive one may experience co-dependency, possessiveness, jealousy, heart problems and high blood pressure.

In yoga, poses that stimulate the 4th chakra are backward bends (anything that opens the chest). A powerful way to energize this chakra is to love ourselves and others.

Once the physical needs of your first three Chakras have been addressed, raising yourself to the 4th level is a breeze…literally. This Chakra’s corresponding element is air and its main issues are relationships and love—affairs of the heart—where the 4th Chakra resides. Most important, it is the bridge from the physical part of you to your mental and spiritual dimensions. Love and its many expressions (passion, caring, rapport, unity, understanding, and forgiveness) are the means to and the rewards of a clear 4th Chakra.

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