1st Chakra – Base Chakra

1st Chakra – Base Chakra

1st chakra – Base – Earth, grounding, home, work, finances, manifestation and being here.

Your homework is to discover ways to feel held by the earth, and enjoy your right to be here and your right to have. Write in a journal, talk with like minded friends. Chakra one is all about the miracle of the physical body. Keep it in good repair. Eat well. Exercise is imperative to activate the base Chakra. More than any other chakra, the first chakra relates to the body in general. The following exercises are designed to help you enhance the flow of life force energy through your body.

Moment by moment meditation

Whenever you are walking, take a moment to really feel your feet touching the ground. Feel your body following, the weight alternating between one foot and another. Where are you in time and space? What is around you? How is your body relating to that? Are you hurrying down the street, unaware of your surroundings? Are you enjoying the environment around you? Are you feeling the space your body takes up and honoring its fullness? Whenever you forget your body, a simple exercise is to just stop, go inside, say hello to your body. Thank it for carrying you. Tell your body “I love and appreciate you.” (This is especially necessary if you typically criticize your body for being out of shape, achy, ill, or with parts you consider unattractive. That’s when you really need this practice of unconditional gratitude!)

Talk to your Body!

Your body experiences everything you go through as a silent witness. When the body creates symptoms it is trying to talk to you. If you listen more closely to your body, those symptoms don’t have to get so loud. You can try letting an organ or a body part talk to you as you write in your journal. Feel a sense of gratitude permeating your body. Whether you are sitting at your computer, walking somewhere, or standing at your sink, take a moment to feel the aliveness of life pouring through you. Start with your feet and toes, up your legs, through your hips and belly, and all the way up your chest and through the top of your head. Choose a way to have Chakra 1’s focus on embodied foundation fill you over the month of August. For a beautiful read about Base Chakra, check out this article by Natalie Southgate from Wellbeing.

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